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poem- piece November 3, 2019

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New journey.

First step.


poem-reflect May 28, 2016

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We need room.

We need space to stretch.

We need time to consider.

Flashes of inspiration are well and good,

but reflection needs room for rumination.


poem-hat October 5, 2015

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If you’re going to go out in public

with your hair a disaster,

and tell me it’s okay, because you’re wearing a hat,

could you please wear a fedora or a bowler?

Something with a little panache?

A Homburg or a Panama, perhaps?

Anything but a ball cap?  Because you don’t play ball,

and I don’t believe in capping potential.



He needs to spend some time at Goorin Brothers Hat Shop


poem-magic mirror March 31, 2014

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The lake has captured the sky

reflecting clouds on blue silk,

shore lines doubled,

snow dusted trees, like brushes,

paint mist

suspended half way between reality

in a magic mirror of spring.


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