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poem-hat October 5, 2015

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If you’re going to go out in public

with your hair a disaster,

and tell me it’s okay, because you’re wearing a hat,

could you please wear a fedora or a bowler?

Something with a little panache?

A Homburg or a Panama, perhaps?

Anything but a ball cap?  Because you don’t play ball,

and I don’t believe in capping potential.



He needs to spend some time at Goorin Brothers Hat Shop


12 Responses to “poem-hat”

  1. Laura Beth Says:

    Great advice. I’m a personal fan of the fedora. In my neck of the woods the issue is the cowboy/girl hat. I own no cows, or horses – nor have I ridden either years. Just…no.

    • At Stampede time perhaps. My husband WAS a cowboy in his rural youth, so I actually wouldn’t mind a cowboy hat, actually. I hate ball caps. I think once you hit puberty you’re too old for them, except perhaps on a ball field. 🙂

  2. Maureen Says:

    my hair is a disaster right now – think I’ll wear a beret…

  3. vjearle Says:

    I just thought we older ladies lamented this problem – well said.

  4. A beret, and why not?

  5. Z. Says:

    This is fantastic!

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