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poem- me then October 29, 2016

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In the mirror

the shape is me then

and the then clothes still hang in the closet

for me now to wear.

In the mirror

me now studies the style of me then

likes the posture improving shoulder pads

and ponders the difference between






6 Responses to “poem- me then”

  1. Oliana Says:

    Good one! rather than outdated, I always tell my daughter, it is my unique eclectic style 🙂

  2. It’s said that everything comes back, after a time. I wonder, though. German women have never gone back to the dirndl, nor have North Americans re-embraced hoop skirts.

  3. erbiage Says:

    looking back on things we wore.
    its enough to make eyes sore.

    wear what you like.. you’ll rock that look!

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