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A Brave review July 10, 2012

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Fantastic animation (her hair! the water!),  some very funny scenes, very scary bears, kilt humour, and a lovely little tale  makes for a good film in Brave, the latest release from Disney Pixar.  While the plot was a little obvious in parts, and the theme seemed a bit over done, it was quite an enjoyable film.  I’d give it  4/5 stars.  Truly, you should go just to see the groundbreaking hair flowing across the big screen.

Pixar really does a remarkable job of forging new ground in animation.  Throughout the film, I just kept being amazed at protagonist Merida’s hair.  It’s phenomenal, never before seen truly animated hair that it looks like it could have come straight off my friend Angela’s head.  Merida’s hair, like Ange’s, had a life of its own.  Sections behaved in different ways, colour and curls throughout were different so it had real dimension, just like Ange’s.  The hair, more than anything, declared Merida’s tempestuous, independent nature.  When she’s forced to contain it, she feels fake and unnatural.

Here is a very interesting FX guide to the process of creating those amazing locks.

And here are the locks in action.  (As an aside, I also find these three suitors an absolute hoot.  They completely remind me of some grade 9 boys I’ve known!  Particularly the middle one.  You know who you are!)  😀



4 Responses to “A Brave review”

  1. Thanks Shawn!! (I think….). Since the movie came out, I have been stopped many times by people telling me that I have Merida’s hair. Little kids stop, point and whisper. I have actually had people brazen enough to reach out and touch my hair, play with it in line-ups and re-curl it on public transit! Perhaps this is my 15 minutes of fame!!

  2. I’ll say this much, her hair is more Kool-Aid Red than the singer Rihanna! Who knows Nicki Minaj might be adopting her style soon!

    • Shawn Bird Says:

      It’s exactly the same shades as my friend Angela’s. I swear. Mind you, Ange gets a little help on the colour, but the curls are all hers! 🙂

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