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poem- power hair October 13, 2013

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She was  dazzling

in the cosmetic department

getting lessons in drawing eye brows.

Her silver hair was cut

power short.


It emphasized her features:

glorious twinkling eyes

perfect nose

determined mouth.

Who needs make up

to add to that beauty?

Her hair set her above,

showed her panache,

made me smile,

and look twice.

Then she thanked the clerk

for the lesson,

set on a chemo cap

and her vitality




December 7, 2012

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One of my students was telling me today about  how when his mom went through chemo, she made herself amazing wigs from multicoloured yarns.  I was enchanted with the concept, and was just looking online to see if there are patterns or pictures of yarn wigs.

I was delighted to come across Hair Flair for Hope,  an organization that makes and provides exactly this kind of fun hair alternative for children or adventurous souls undergoing chemotherapy.  They have workshops if you want to make some to donate. I think it’s quite brilliant! 🙂

Check it out!


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