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poem- power hair October 13, 2013

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She was  dazzling

in the cosmetic department

getting lessons in drawing eye brows.

Her silver hair was cut

power short.


It emphasized her features:

glorious twinkling eyes

perfect nose

determined mouth.

Who needs make up

to add to that beauty?

Her hair set her above,

showed her panache,

made me smile,

and look twice.

Then she thanked the clerk

for the lesson,

set on a chemo cap

and her vitality




30 Responses to “poem- power hair”

  1. jrosenberry1 Says:

    … or only appeared to have disappeared. 🙂
    Great poem

  2. masterbias Says:

    Why would she remove her wig and put on a chemo cap in the cosmetic department? I loved the poem up until this point where I just didn’t understand the sequence of events, .. or I couldn’t reconcile my lack of understanding. 🙂

  3. Chess Says:


  4. Joel Says:

    I felt that. Well done.

  5. PapaBear Says:

    Really great verse, Shawn. As for the cap…, maybe her head was cold ???

  6. macromichael Says:

    It is hard to imagine many people that do not know someone who has fought cancer. Thank God for Terry Fox who has taken us closer in the treatment and care of this terrible illness.

      • macromichael Says:

        I actually think I said that wrong, but Terry’s story is amazing… He ran something like 2 dozen marathons in back to back days!!!! I had someone very close to me fight cancer as well, and it was hard to watch without being angry and extremely sad that it happens just like that.

      • I remember Terry’s Marathon of Hope very well. Terry ran an average of 26 miles per day (a marathon) for 143 days until he was forced to stop his run in Thunder Bay and return here to BC for treatment, as the cancer had come back and was into his lungs. That’s one hundred and forty three daily marathons: a truly phenomenal effort.

        Terry is not the only one to do such a feat. Steve Fonyo ran 4 years after Terry did, raising $14 million for cancer in a 7900 km run across Canada over 14 months. I went and saw him when he came through our city. Unfortunately Fonyo has had a troubled life since his run in 1984, and his brushes with the law have over-shadowed his successful fundraising efforts.

        Everyone has his or her own battles.

      • macromichael Says:

        Challenge, love, awareness and persistence are the ideas that I started into my blog with. I think they definitely apply here. BTW – your poetry is awesome!!! Look forward to seeing more. I think sometimes when we are able to work together, battles fade. Nice when it works that way.

  7. toad (chris jensen) Says:

    Reblogged this on tot123itsme.

  8. Heartafire Says:

    I am deeply stirred by this write. Kudos to those lady survivors fighting and saying “this is what is happening right now” and not hiding away, it inspires us all.

  9. SFF Madman Says:

    I love it. Well done! Very descrptive and powerful, Shawn.

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