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poem- short November 14, 2018

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by moment


Power is not in height

but in determination.



poem-pick axe March 14, 2016

I am a pick axe.

I grimly focus on the patch of ground

in front of me, and chip, chip, chip away

at the rocks that block my way.

I will wear down this mountain

day by day.

I will find a seam and harvest value.

Today, it may seem too hard to do,

but I will chip, chip, chip away anyway

until I’ve made a hill of this mountain,

and have found the other side..




I’m smack in the middle of my penultimate grad school course.  I’m finding it hard to concentrate, what with the recent family deaths and illness and related stress.  After a long day at work, I just want to curl up in a warm corner and snooze. This is a required course, so there’s nothing for it but chipping away at readings, chipping away at assignments, chipping away at papers, and then it’ll be over.  One month until the last paper is due, and then it’s through!  The end is nigh!






poem- it may not February 27, 2015

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It may not

be what it was,

but it is

what it is

and what

it will be




(This was actually the last sentence in a response I wrote tonight on in a grad school assignment.  I thought it made a rather intriguing little poem, so here it is).


poem- warning July 1, 2014

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I want you.

Despite all the objections,

inspections, rejections,


my predilection

is you.




Just think  all the things the poet could be addressing here.  Is the ‘you’ a lover, a baby, a puppy, a great pair of shoes…?  😉  What is your predilection?


poem- power hair October 13, 2013

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She was  dazzling

in the cosmetic department

getting lessons in drawing eye brows.

Her silver hair was cut

power short.


It emphasized her features:

glorious twinkling eyes

perfect nose

determined mouth.

Who needs make up

to add to that beauty?

Her hair set her above,

showed her panache,

made me smile,

and look twice.

Then she thanked the clerk

for the lesson,

set on a chemo cap

and her vitality




greatness June 25, 2010

What makes a great person? The kindness and empathy of Mother Theresa working in the Indian slums? The determination of Mahatma Ghandi to forge peaceful change? The vision of Pierre Trudeau to repatriate Canada’s constitution? The inspiration of Terry Fox’s run across Canada for cancer research.

The common thread seems to be a desire to achieve a goal that is bigger than the individual. Those who achieve greatness touch many lives in striving for their goals. They are inspirational simply because of their focus. Others are drawn to believe in the cause simply because of the profound faith in it. Emulation is a natural by-product of a genuine, forthright effort toward a cause.

I’m not sure that many who achieve greatness aspire to it. They aspire to reach the goal they see and it is their success that brings admiration. Of course, along the way they must overcome obstacles, doubters, difficulties. Commitment to the vision is required. Many people have run across Canada without achieving the glory of Terry Fox. Many nuns labour among the poor of the world. Many politicians correct historical wrongs. Many lawyers end up in jail. None of these things makes anyone great.

Profound vision. Commitment. Success.

These are the hallmarks of greatness.

Do you have a single-minded vision that could change the world? Perhaps greatness is in your future as well.


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