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poem- going to bat May 17, 2016

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When things seem impossible

it is a wondrous thing to have someone

willing to bat for you.

Stand up and be responsible

for giving you opportunity for a home run

get you what’s your due.


poem- possible May 11, 2016

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There are possibilities in front of you

Opportunities unbounded

By anything

but your determination.

Nothing will happen if you attempt nothing

But something can happen if you do some




To embrace what might be



Poem- terrarium April 28, 2016

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You’ve packed the flourishing greenery

Back inside this box you’ve made

A green house cube

stuffed with verdure seeking escape

Seeking opportunity to bloom again

To scatter seed

To create the future.

But you are heedless of this dream;

inside your  cube tender greens are safe

From weeds.


poem-gulf April 1, 2016

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You open up before me

a gulf of possibility

things I never considered

complications I did not foresee.

You open up before me

a black hole of opportunity

devouring expectations

creating alternative realities

of what my future might be.




(“Thanks, Des,” she says

dripping with irony.)


poem-moment January 9, 2016

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That was it.

You felt it, hovering,

the possibility of change.

You knew you only had to take a step

and life would never be the same.

You felt the moment filled with possibility

and stepped back urgently,

to familiar



poem- grow November 25, 2014

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Release the potential

Untether the ropes




poem- opportunity May 16, 2014

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You need imagination

to grab opportunities.

You have to be open

to the unfamiliar.

You have to trust that

something new could be great

and that all learning

has worth.

You have to be willing

to be out of your comfort zone

to have faith in yourself


that every experience

will enrich you.

You have to accept opportunities

to empower your imagination.



Risk for writers: “If it doesn’t kill me, it’ll make a great story!”

As teachers we wonder why our students don’t grab at the amazing opportunities that are available to them. I was just pondering this today.


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