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poem- expansion April 21, 2014

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We grow

to fill the space we have.

Over time, each room fills

with things that we could live without

but gather like memories.

If the deadline is far away

we stretch to fill the time,

break the project into small parts

or forget about it until the final moments

We should expand

into our opportunities

while we have time and space

to grow.


poem- hoarder February 13, 2014

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She hoards memories

In books and art.

She hoards accomplishment

In clothes and fabric

She holds tightly

Against insecurity

Things are a bulwark

Against uncertainty.

She creates a

measure of control

against anger, anxiety

and angst.

When she is safe,

Secure and  satisfied

The barriers may

Be burnt, but for now

She clings to what was.


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