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poem- hoarder February 13, 2014

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She hoards memories

In books and art.

She hoards accomplishment

In clothes and fabric

She holds tightly

Against insecurity

Things are a bulwark

Against uncertainty.

She creates a

measure of control

against anger, anxiety

and angst.

When she is safe,

Secure and  satisfied

The barriers may

Be burnt, but for now

She clings to what was.


9 Responses to “poem- hoarder”

  1. LVital7019 Says:

    Your hoarder sounds so familiar… 🙂 Many “Likes”

  2. thisoldtoad2014 Says:

    Reblogged this on tot123itsme.

  3. ... Says:

    Good poem, I guess we all tend to hold onto things from our past, sometimes a little too tightly.

  4. Reminds me of my Dad who grew up in Harlem telling me about the Collyer Brothers. When I was a kid he would scold me about my messy room saying it was getting like the Collyer Brothers. My father would have been a teenager when these “Hoarders” were discovered.

    • That was interesting! Thanks for sharing the link. I was particularly amazed at the micro-park that replaced the house. That is a very strange concept for someone from wide open BC. Our parks look very different…

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