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Poem- terrarium April 28, 2016

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You’ve packed the flourishing greenery

Back inside this box you’ve made

A green house cube

stuffed with verdure seeking escape

Seeking opportunity to bloom again

To scatter seed

To create the future.

But you are heedless of this dream;

inside your  cube tender greens are safe

From weeds.


8 Responses to “Poem- terrarium”

  1. A fine argument in favour of hydroponics.

  2. onewithclay Says:

    Similarly, fireflies are kept from their biological imperative by unthinking children with glass jars . . .

    • Ah… “Les Disco-mouches” as we called them when I was an exchange student in Quebec a millennium ago. We don’t have them in BC, so it was very cool to see them flickering away in the fields.

  3. Nothing to do with flowers or hot houses but I’m still debating whether to attend International Fluevog Day in New York City. The Rejoicing, Festivites and promises of surprises and giveaways are tempting as is the 15% off.


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