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poem-gulf April 1, 2016

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You open up before me

a gulf of possibility

things I never considered

complications I did not foresee.

You open up before me

a black hole of opportunity

devouring expectations

creating alternative realities

of what my future might be.




(“Thanks, Des,” she says

dripping with irony.)


9 Responses to “poem-gulf”

  1. thefeatheredsleep Says:

    Lovely ideas of emotional distance

  2. Jarrod C Says:

    Shawn how have you been doing? I just wanted to check on you as I recall you had a death in the family not so long ago.

  3. Many teachers generate this sort of reaction, from the discerning student.

  4. I love the tone and resonance of this poem. The use of the black hole metaphor works wonderfully to set a tone that’s a little darker than immediately obvious.

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