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poem- cleaning August 11, 2016

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So many bottles

in gift baskets:

body shampoo


bath oil

bubble bath

body scrub

Why do all these people think I need

so much help to get clean?



(cleaning out the bathroom cupboards today)



micropoetry- joy April 27, 2014

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Naked girl

giggling down the road

Babysitter chasing

with the bath towel.

Toddler joyfully

on the run.




I can still hear the giggles in memory, though the toddler in question is now 33 years old.  🙂


poem- dreaming in the tub April 18, 2014

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In drenched sleep


computer rests across my knees

I’m writing

with neck crooked awkwardly

of you

and what happens next

in my favourite novel

and pondering the universe

until wisdom unfolds.

I type it all down,

in my dream

take dictation

from the subconscious

but when I awaken

there are neither words

nor keyboard

and all wisdom has evaporated

in the steam,

or drizzled down the drain.


poem- Sochi shivers February 18, 2014

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Snow falling outside the window

Snow falling on the venues at Sochi

While I watch winter,

I dream of hot water:

Olympic bath time.

(They don’t offer a medal for shivering

and that’s my best winter activity).


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