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poem- Sochi shivers February 18, 2014

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Snow falling outside the window

Snow falling on the venues at Sochi

While I watch winter,

I dream of hot water:

Olympic bath time.

(They don’t offer a medal for shivering

and that’s my best winter activity).


invocation on sport August 3, 2012

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At this moment, thousands of athletes are battling on their fields of endeavour in search of glory.  Through dedication and sacrifice they strive to be the best for one brief moment in time.  They glow with satisfaction as they achieve their best and receive the accolades.

For one shining moment, they achieve glory.

Let us be thankful for hard work and dedication which unite us in celebration of success.  Let us work together to achieve our club goals, that we may celebrate together the improvements we, as Rotarians, make in our communities and our world.

(c) Shawn Bird.  Free use within Rotary.  Please credit Shawn, and record your club and the date you used this invocation in the comments below.


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