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poem- cleaning August 11, 2016

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So many bottles

in gift baskets:

body shampoo


bath oil

bubble bath

body scrub

Why do all these people think I need

so much help to get clean?



(cleaning out the bathroom cupboards today)



9 Responses to “poem- cleaning”

  1. Essential Oils cut down on lots of waste. In truth, just some body wash on a cloth does it all.

    • I have inhalant allergies, and I’m allergic to most essential oils. They bring on asthma attacks. I find a lot of people think essential oils aren’t perfume so they’re safe to wear in places with no scent rules, but they are no different for those of us who are sensitive.

  2. Prior-2001 Says:

    Oh this gave me a great big smile!
    Have fun cleaning – ha!

  3. Mrs MP Says:

    I recently donated all that to the women’s shelter. I was amazed by what could fit in the cupboard afterwards!

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