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poem- dreaming in the tub April 18, 2014

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In drenched sleep


computer rests across my knees

I’m writing

with neck crooked awkwardly

of you

and what happens next

in my favourite novel

and pondering the universe

until wisdom unfolds.

I type it all down,

in my dream

take dictation

from the subconscious

but when I awaken

there are neither words

nor keyboard

and all wisdom has evaporated

in the steam,

or drizzled down the drain.


32 Responses to “poem- dreaming in the tub”

  1. Lol for a minute Shawn I thought you dropped the laptop in the bath – now that would be a passionate writer! Enjoyable piece, particularly the part about inspiration going down the drain, liked it a lot.

    • Actually, I DO in fact possess a waterproof keyboard, and setting the computer safely away from falling in range, I do type in the bath. I probably wrote 1/4 of Grace Awakening in the tub. 😉

      At the moment, I can’t find the doo-hickey that makes the wireless connection, though.

  2. It would be awesome if we could write what we want to write even when we’re dreaming… I often dream of something that I can write… I even finish the article and wake up and realize that it was a dream… And puff… It’s all gone… LOL

  3. toad2014 Says:

    Still there in the dream. not fear go back where you once had been. Presto magic!

  4. skykinwrite Says:

    This is outrageous! My first response, before I had even finished the entire poem, was “Is this for real?” Do you dream like that? You WERE accessing the unconscious! You are so lucky; you seem to have an umbilical cord from the little bit of brain we carry around (maybe yours is larger than mine) using every day, through the Twilight Zone, onto another much brighter shore … if you can draw out of that well, and does it mean that you must either write harder or deepen the link?, you will ring the big bell and you must invite me to your Pulitzer Prize acceptance even knowing that I will be really insulting the entire time because I am at once happy for you and maybe a tiny bit jealous.

    • I suppose. I have been in situations where I am absolutely exhausted, but been unwilling to go to bed until I get in my word count. I have fallen asleep typing. When I wake up, reading the results is highly entertaining (and it doesn’t make the slightest sense).

  5. toad2014 Says:

    to meet you face to face, one day. my only hope would that your other half not mind…

    To write in my sleep, could you teach something like that and would it take long!

  6. drew delaney Says:

    Yeah, I have some pretty unusual dreams that probably would entertain a few people. Most of them I want to forget though, and am glad to wake up and realize it was just a dream. Nice poem, Shawn.

  7. Is this why creative writing can be aa draining experience? 🙂

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  9. kiwiskan Says:

    glad you didn’t drown…

  10. I enjoyed this. Is it that I want to go take a hot bath? LOL!

    • Always a good idea, in my experience. Relaxes the body to free the brain…

      • When I was reading from you blog earlier my daughter walked out and saw your picture. She asked me who you were and I told her that you were an English teacher. I read her a little about you. She said if more teachers were like you sounded.. school would be a better place. I hope you stop by tomorrow. I’m going to share a draft essay that my teenage daughter is writing for her English class. Odysseus and Helen Hopkins in the same essay…. why not. I am proud.

      • I definitely have fun with my students.

        Send me a link to your/her post on the direct mail link on the “About Shawn” page in case I forget, okay? I’m trying to get a paper written for my Master’s course this weekend. So. Much. Reading.

      • Sure will. How awesome.. yes so much reading. Not sure how you find the time. 🙂

      • Neither do I! (Though I can not express how grateful I am for my housekeeper! Without her twice monthly efforts, things would completely fall apart!)

  11. solankichandni19 Says:

    Reblogged this on Chandni.

  12. seanbidd Says:

    People talk about flies with stories to tell from their walls, but water I think, could share way more stories and dreams than one might ever imagine, never seeing journeys end. That’s bad practice, Shawn. you forgot to run a backup before pulling the plug 🙂

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