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poem-costume construction February 28, 2015

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They’re hiding out at Huyter’s House

amid tutus and two by twos.

Keren constructs costumes and walls

Her production can not stall

(though reproduction’s done, y’all).

Garage transformed to costume shop

Gladly reformed for custom stops.

Accost tutus and two by twos,

Keren will hand a hammer to you!




(For my amazing friend Keren, of Huyter’s House of Costumes, because the dance studio productions don’t really care whether the new sewing room is finished or not!)  🙂


poem- The Light Returns February 21, 2015

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Through mourning,

the light returns

brushing softly

touching tenderly

with morning.


“The Light Returns” by Elaine Holmes
Charcoal on board 4X6 feet
From collection of J&S Bird


We just hung this large, stunning drawing in our house.  Elaine Holmes is an artist and teaching colleague from down the road.  I fell in love with the piece at an exhibition in the Salmon Arm Arts Centre called “Dark Nights” 10 artists celebrating the solstice.  We’re delighted to own it!  It just asked for its own poem.  🙂


poem-surly December 26, 2014

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This morning unfurling itself

I have awoken surly.

The low clouds match my mood

The sky is surly, too.


Inside the house,

the Christmas mess mocks

in its surly aftermath.


The snow plow

dragging itself through the city

scrapes with surly determination.


My surly swirl of grumpiness

has me in good company,

it seems.


poem-wordwise August 11, 2014

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World wise

word wise







poem-silence July 11, 2014

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She fills the sky

with a rainfall of words,

a hurricane of syllables,

a thundering       of sentences.

She brews                     a storm,

but he stands impermeable

in silent eloquence

amid her eye.


poem-zero February 22, 2014

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It’s not a knot.

It’s naught.


camstairy coccygodynians August 27, 2012

I think my favorite line from the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon might be in Drums of Autumn when Roger observes,

“Coccygodynians are camstairy by nature”

An English teacher, by nature, is thoroughly entertained by word play, and delighted with novel phraseology.  Gabaldon frequently provides such fun, and that quote is an example.  Roger and Bree are playing The Minister’s Cat, a word game where they work through the alphabet, labelling the poor cat with adjectives of increasing complexity.  They called this round a draw.

For your edification: coccygodynia is a pain in the region of the coccyx (tail bone), so Bree’s doctor mother identified the hospital administrators as coccygodynians,  i.e.  “pains in the butt.”  Camstairy is a little more layered.  It’s a Scot’s term that Roger claims means ‘quarrelsome,’ but assorted on-line dictionaries offer definitions of ‘unmanageable,’ ‘unruly,’ and ‘obstinate,’ which add some colourful possibilities!

I trust that your day will be free from camstairy coccygodynians! 😉


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