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poem-costume construction February 28, 2015

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They’re hiding out at Huyter’s House

amid tutus and two by twos.

Keren constructs costumes and walls

Her production can not stall

(though reproduction’s done, y’all).

Garage transformed to costume shop

Gladly reformed for custom stops.

Accost tutus and two by twos,

Keren will hand a hammer to you!




(For my amazing friend Keren, of Huyter’s House of Costumes, because the dance studio productions don’t really care whether the new sewing room is finished or not!)  🙂


4 Responses to “poem-costume construction”

  1. It’s hard work, and as a thespian friend said, for every actor in a production, there are six volunteers.

  2. For some reason this reminded me of the seven dwarves. 😊

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