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poem-zero February 22, 2014

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It’s not a knot.

It’s naught.


11 Responses to “poem-zero”

  1. Naught for Nothing, but Zero is my Hero. Schoolhouse Rock.

  2. Geo Sans Says:


  3. toad2014 Says:

    Do you still teach?

    • I’m presently a school librarian and career coordinator. I help kids get into apprenticeships, get credit for work experience, find training, etc.

      • toad2014 Says:

        I’m sorry I may have mixed you up with somebody else. A librarian not a shelver? Just funning you.

      • Up until this year I was predominantly an English teacher, Chris. This year, my duties are new and different. It’s quite strange not to be in the class room! I’m looking forward to being back in front of a class or two next year, school schedule permitting.

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