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poem- insurrection day January 6, 2021

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Today my class is learning about the PANTOUM poetry form, while in the US, protesters have broken into congress amid riots, so here’s our demo pantoum.

Throw me a line
What’s going on?
I need a sign
Sanity’s gone

What’s going on?
There’s all this shouting
Sanity’s gone
The laws they’re flouting

There’s all this shouting
Is there any hope?
The laws they’re flouting
This filth needs some soap

Is there any hope?
My heart is afraid
This filth needs some soap
A nation’s betrayed

My heart is afraid.
Will the people declare
Their nation’s betrayed?
Does anyone care?

Will the people declare
this is the sign?
Will anyone care
to throw us a line?


poem- tossing April 4, 2019

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I toss.

You race.

You leap.

You flip.

You pant.

You return

on a joy-fueled frenzy

for the fun of the chase.

To vicariously share your bliss,

I toss.



(Just in from a supremely athletic game of fetch- with a Chuckit Flying Squirrel. Now a happily exhausted poodle is at my feet.  I once saw a Ziggy cartoon that said he just wanted to go to dog heaven and toss balls for eternity. I sometimes feel like that is already my prime raison d’etre according to Kiltti!  How about you? Do you play a lot of fetch?).  



poem- The Scientific Method June 25, 2015

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Today I was challenged to have a poem about The Scientific Method in slam style on my blog by 10 p.m.  Challenge complete!

In case you’ve forgotten the components…

Scientific method-

  • Recognize problem
  • Define problem
  • formulate hypothesis
  • collect data
  • analyze data
  • confirm or disconfirm hypothesis


Recognize the problem

form definition of the complication

formulation, computation,

I hypothesize;

I strategize.

All the data I analyze



I synthesize the truth of this

have I confirmed my hypothesis?

If not, then I begin again

Being careful of instability,

endeavour to control variabilities

Recognition of the definition

controlling the conditions

again I must hypothesize

strategize, and analyze.

Circles spin, cycle again, once more begin!

The method of the scientists

consists always of the hypothesis,

that’s altered, trimmed, and twisted,

Endless scientific fight to determine

which truths are right!


poem- talking April 16, 2014

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Number one


health hazard for

flight attendants

is falling

during turbulance,

for hair stylists:

hair slivers,

for  teachers

it’s vocal damage.


my throat concurs

and longs for Ricola

and honeyed tea.


teaching hurts.



poem-Newton’s first law of writing February 24, 2014

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It’s not about writer’s block

It’s about writer’s inertia

An object at rest, stays at rest;

A writer not writing, remains not writing.

Something must get it moving.

An object in motion, stays in motion;

A writer writing, remains writing,

Unless an outside force acts upon it.

Seek the energy to start the motion

And stay in motion

So the book gets written.



Diana Gabaldon once said that she tries to write every day, because if she doesn’t,  an inertia develops and it’s hard to get to it.  I have found this true!  Since the frenzy of drafting two novels in November, it’s been hard to do more than outline recently.  I know that if I just get into the rhythm of the writing, it will propel itself, but the novel writing rhythm is proving elusive these days.   I’ve been having no trouble keeping up the blog though, providing a poem for your daily reading.  That’s better than nothing!


Yes June 1, 2013

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you said,

We will.


you said,

I will.


you said,

We should.


you said,

I could.


you said,

We would.


you said,

I do.


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