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poem- tossing April 4, 2019

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I toss.

You race.

You leap.

You flip.

You pant.

You return

on a joy-fueled frenzy

for the fun of the chase.

To vicariously share your bliss,

I toss.



(Just in from a supremely athletic game of fetch- with a Chuckit Flying Squirrel. Now a happily exhausted poodle is at my feet.  I once saw a Ziggy cartoon that said he just wanted to go to dog heaven and toss balls for eternity. I sometimes feel like that is already my prime raison d’etre according to Kiltti!  How about you? Do you play a lot of fetch?).  



6 Responses to “poem- tossing”

  1. When my cat Sylvester was younger yes we did play Feline catch with his favorite cat toys.

  2. Outis Sofós Says:

    Beautifully true, and hell yes I do. Here I am responding to you. Dropping a ball at your feet, with head at 45 degrees, tongue hanging half out my head. I will play ball till I’m dead!
    Thank you!

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