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poem- The Scientific Method June 25, 2015

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Today I was challenged to have a poem about The Scientific Method in slam style on my blog by 10 p.m.  Challenge complete!

In case you’ve forgotten the components…

Scientific method-

  • Recognize problem
  • Define problem
  • formulate hypothesis
  • collect data
  • analyze data
  • confirm or disconfirm hypothesis


Recognize the problem

form definition of the complication

formulation, computation,

I hypothesize;

I strategize.

All the data I analyze



I synthesize the truth of this

have I confirmed my hypothesis?

If not, then I begin again

Being careful of instability,

endeavour to control variabilities

Recognition of the definition

controlling the conditions

again I must hypothesize

strategize, and analyze.

Circles spin, cycle again, once more begin!

The method of the scientists

consists always of the hypothesis,

that’s altered, trimmed, and twisted,

Endless scientific fight to determine

which truths are right!


18 Responses to “poem- The Scientific Method”

  1. sumyanna Says:

    Wow! I could truly hear this one out loud! Awesome job.

  2. That was ever so smart!!! ❤️❤️ hats off to you shawn.. 😁😁😁

  3. We battle over who is right,
    Because a kernel of truth exists on each side
    It is said the truth is relative
    All the more because we are so delicate

  4. So great and accurate! You must be a scientist as well as writer!

  5. cepcarol Says:


  6. Nancy Says:

    Trust you to take on this challenge and right at the end of the school year to boot! We need to find a few students to present this piece at ERS next year. Keep on writing, Shawn. P.S. Your proud principal shared this with me.

  7. Job E. Says:

    As a scientist, this speaks to me quite loudly, and somehow captures everything I experience. Good work!

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