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poem- talking April 16, 2014

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Number one


health hazard for

flight attendants

is falling

during turbulance,

for hair stylists:

hair slivers,

for  teachers

it’s vocal damage.


my throat concurs

and longs for Ricola

and honeyed tea.


teaching hurts.



30 Responses to “poem- talking”

  1. I agree. I teach Spanish, and I use my voice a LOT. Sometimes it’s tempting just to play a movie :).

    • Last year I did a demo with a mic system in my room. It was quite lovely to speak quietly and have my voice perfectly clear to the students at the back of the room. 🙂 Until it stopped working, of course.

  2. Dan Hoger Says:

    Sore throats are no fun. I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Your pain empowers the future. Keep trooping :]

  4. colonialist Says:

    You shouldn’t yell at the little dears so! 🙂

    • No yelling at all, but projecting in large rooms can be problematic. I generally use my diaphragm, but a few of us feel our throats hurting today. I think there’s a bug about!

  5. Sorry about that. Feel better.

  6. Rest your voice and feel better Shawn. 🙂

  7. xoxosanaz90210 Says:

    Get well soon!! 🙂 My mom uses this home remedy where she takes a tablespoon of warm honey with a bit of black pepper. Give it a try sometime 🙂 I don’t like honey so I prefer to live with the sore throat. Not the best way, but I am used to it!

  8. Heidi Says:

    Sore throat and vocal cords are never fun. Waiting to see if allergies will close my cords off. Nothing like a fun 3-5 days of no voice! Get well soon!

  9. Athena Says:

    I love this piece! Says so much so simply, and I learned something–bonus!

  10. y. prior Says:

    zinc lozenges have rescued me a many of days. or an all natural zinc throat spray! and once when strep was going around – I know that zinc saved my boys – it is muy bueno!!!!

    anyhow, loved this poem and post. 🙂

  11. Robert William Haddock Says:

    I bet that even when you’re sick with a sore throat, inspiring a youngster to learn and appreciate the world is the best lozenge ever.

    • Most of the time, that’s true, though it doesn’t often feel like ‘inspiring.’ Mostly it feels like prodding and pushing. 😉 (Despite our amazing and innovative school, sometimes kids don’t appreciate the opportunities they’re getting!)

      • Robert William Haddock Says:

        I hate to hear it. I have a friend from high school who loves education and is a born teacher, but after 12 years in Atlanta public schools, he shares similar sentiments…he also seems very tired for his age.
        Although, you never really know who you are inspiring. I think it’s a lot like planting seeds that may lie dormant for long periods of time.
        Hope the ordinary lozenges did the trick for you today.

      • I can’t imagine how hard it would be to be a teacher in the US. The rates of pay alone make it seem like an impossible career choice for most. We have an amazing school doing very innovative things: but kids are kids. They only know what they’ve experienced, they don’t recognize how much more amazing their experience is from what other students get. This was something else we coordinated:

      • Robert William Haddock Says:

        In the US there are no incentives for natural teachers to become teachers. It’s volunteer poverty in a role that defines our nation’s future.
        My friend Daniel was promised a pay increase each year…now after 12 years of teaching illegal and uninterested immigrant children, he has made less each year.
        In the summer months he makes more money working for a company that sprays toxins on grass (tru-green chemlawn) than he does for 10 months teaching our future leaders.
        Our country’s priorities invite its demise.
        The death of a monster is self-imposed, I suppose.
        I intend to look at the links you sent. I bet it’s refreshing stuff from what I know.
        Thank you for teaching even though its a hard thing to do anywhere.
        Teaching has been the role of so many beautiful Souls.
        I’m sure you’re one of those!
        Have a great day!

      • Yes. I don’t think I would have chosen this profession if I was an American. Thank heavens for fair wages, bargaining to control working conditions and taking a stand for quality education!

  12. Teaching can hurt on many days, for many different reasons.

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