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micropoem-Astray December 1, 2016

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It won’t cost you anything.


A prompt from


changing hats October 9, 2016

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Oh, temptress.

Oversized grey fedora

White top hat with feathered pin.

Black newsboy cap.

These hats cry to come home with me.





Purple cloche,

how adorable you are;

you are




I give up.

I’ll wear you home.



The Irresistible itself, a “Canadian 1918 Hat”


A cloche hat always makes me feel like I’m channeling Phryne Fisher! 🙂


poem- enticed May 3, 2015

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She leaves the wine bottle in the bottom desk drawer

undoes two buttons on her white blouse,

French cuffed, of course.  Lace peeks out.

Jeweled pendant lies between her breasts, the chain

offers a direction.

She stands, displacing gravity to expand the view.

Her black pumps click on the linoleum in the hall.

She pretends to talk on her cell phone,

pausing by his open door; her chest rises on a

tingling laugh she knows he won’t resist.

Her black pencil skirt covers the assets tightly,

in taunting style,

“See you later, then!” she tells her imaginary

phone companion,

as she strolls to the photo copier room,

trailing temptation behind her

without a backwards glance.



(A poem based on a new novel project).


poem- apple July 29, 2014

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When you crunch

into that apple

eyes twinkling,

cheek dimpling.

I am Eve,

and that smile,

glistening with juice,

is paradise

to go.



trust November 24, 2010

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She trusts him
-the truth of him
–the truth of them

but she fears
the helplessness
-having watched him
unfold and unravel
under eyes that glowed
with glorious attention.

Temptation trails closely
behind such glowing eyes
and apparently intelligence

and good intention
are not always
adequte protection
from ampilified admiration.

That’s the truth of them

-the truth of him

–the truth of trust.



A submission for One Shot Wednesday.  Check out the poets.


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