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poem- enticed May 3, 2015

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She leaves the wine bottle in the bottom desk drawer

undoes two buttons on her white blouse,

French cuffed, of course.  Lace peeks out.

Jeweled pendant lies between her breasts, the chain

offers a direction.

She stands, displacing gravity to expand the view.

Her black pumps click on the linoleum in the hall.

She pretends to talk on her cell phone,

pausing by his open door; her chest rises on a

tingling laugh she knows he won’t resist.

Her black pencil skirt covers the assets tightly,

in taunting style,

“See you later, then!” she tells her imaginary

phone companion,

as she strolls to the photo copier room,

trailing temptation behind her

without a backwards glance.



(A poem based on a new novel project).


25 Responses to “poem- enticed”

  1. charlypriest Says:

    allways a pleasure and also a learning experience to read you

  2. georgiakevin Says:

    What a sensuous poem! Your poetry is a lot like classical music, As your readers read your poem wave after wave of beauty embrace their senses!

  3. ellenbest24 Says:

    Each time I read your words I learn something new. Very enticing, thank you.

  4. Those subtle feminine wiles….

  5. tylerdtroutman Says:

    You have an endearing voice. It may not prove enduring it is not for me to say or presage. But I like you with your combination of good looks and talent. You add up to an appreciable sum.

      • tylerdtroutman Says:

        Okay. So I guess I am kind of jealous that you have all these followers and you write poetry that I feel cannot be as hard to write as say someone from the past who wrote in iambic pentameter or something. Well, like I try to do. but you are a success and I am a failure so I guess the writing is on the wall. Don’t get me wrong. I really enjoy reading your stuff so far. It is insightful, perhaps insouciant. Dolce far niente. That may not be the right sentiment. Anyway, thank you for not being defensive. You punctured my precision.

      • Have you ever been to a gallery and watched art students meticulously copying old masters to learn the skills and techniques? Later, they may take on a completely different personal style, but they have the traditional skills. So it is with me.
        In my novel Grace Awakening Dreams and Power, to reiterate the Greek mythology angle each chapter begins with a quatrain of the Greek Heroic meter- (basically dactylic hexameter). Since the dactyl is not a particularly natural rhythm in English (unlike the iamb), it took an entire summer to create 28 quatrains! There are also a sonnet and a terza rima in the book. In other words, I have those skills, but they aren’t necessarily needed day to day. Form poetry is not in vogue, and while they have a historical place, new things are happening. I can go either way. Throughout the blog you can find form poetry, for example, (Iambic pentameter in a more formal style) (Iambic pentameter in a modern style). (This is Petrarch’s poem, which I translate from the Italian, showing the steps. Try translating AND rhyming AND writing in iambic pentameter some time. It’s a good challenge).
        I am particularly fond of Petrarchan sonnets (I have a not so secret crush on Petrarch), but there are lots of other forms on the blog if you care to look.

        I suspect having a decent following is about interacting with other poets and appreciating their work through a variety of social media, welcoming them with accessible words that they feel rewards their visit here.

        Being a good poet is about SEEING and reflecting what is seen in a way that captures the reader. It doesn’t have to rhyme, or be written in trochaic heptameter to prove its skill.

      • Another example- modern poetry can be remarkably complex, even if it is only a few words. Here is a poem of only 3 lines- eleven words- with a detailed analysis of the craft behind it:

  6. Shawn, I guess I’m a casual follower….. I don’t remember how it was that I found you on the web. Probably saw one of your comments on a mutual friends page. In any event I think I can confidently say – even in the absence of any direct memory of it – that it was your incredibly lovely face – crowned by that intensely beautiful and sexy gray hair in your icon/photo/whatcha-ma-jiggy that made me stop whatever I might have been doing at the time to immediately visit your page and find out more about you….. Sorry for being the creepy internet guy but more than that I’m honest…. Anyway I’m also a poet, I read poetry everyday from dozens from around the world and enjoy writing also…. I’ve been watching your poetry little by little over the last year or so – I don’t know how long really – and concluded pretty much what some of your commenters said in their comments on this poem. However, now that I have read this poem I have no idea what they are – or I what used to be – talking about. I began to think how cute this high school teacher was in her element, her craft, living the life, you know… cute little poems. And I’m a fan. But today I came her and just matched that incredibly sexy poem with that incredibly sexy photo and, ahem, WOWSIE! My heart just went KABOOM. Or did I have a psychotic break? Because others are saying “Oh, how sensuous, how endearing, oh the womanly wiles….. Did my mind just make up what it wanted to read in your poem? Cuz’ like I’m on the space shuttle at lift off down here, ok? This isn’t just a little cute poem from a cute little teacher…. No. No, not at all….. This is WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! Sorry, I just felt that someone needed to say that. Please let it be me…..

  7. jburns58 Says:

    An awesome poem!

  8. howardat58 Says:

    On third or fourth reading I read it as though reading aloud. Wow! It flowed, and I saw why photo copier was two words.

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