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poem- enticed May 3, 2015

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She leaves the wine bottle in the bottom desk drawer

undoes two buttons on her white blouse,

French cuffed, of course.  Lace peeks out.

Jeweled pendant lies between her breasts, the chain

offers a direction.

She stands, displacing gravity to expand the view.

Her black pumps click on the linoleum in the hall.

She pretends to talk on her cell phone,

pausing by his open door; her chest rises on a

tingling laugh she knows he won’t resist.

Her black pencil skirt covers the assets tightly,

in taunting style,

“See you later, then!” she tells her imaginary

phone companion,

as she strolls to the photo copier room,

trailing temptation behind her

without a backwards glance.



(A poem based on a new novel project).


poem-false November 30, 2013

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They lie

across my lids

stuck like  caterpillars

Coyly magnifying

each magnificent blink,

each flirtatious flutter,

adding power to each

sultry glower,

Prepare prey

to be ensnared,

enter and be

rendered helpless,

as I flash

these false





Today is hubby’s birthday, and I managed to get these lashes back on (last worn on my birthday, see photo above).  They’re fun, but they sure feel weird! 😉



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