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changing hats October 9, 2016

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Oh, temptress.

Oversized grey fedora

White top hat with feathered pin.

Black newsboy cap.

These hats cry to come home with me.





Purple cloche,

how adorable you are;

you are




I give up.

I’ll wear you home.



The Irresistible itself, a “Canadian 1918 Hat”


A cloche hat always makes me feel like I’m channeling Phryne Fisher! 🙂


poem- hatted June 22, 2016

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A jaunty hat catches eyes

inspires a smile.

A jaunty hat always tries

to beguile

but it’s too happy to seduce

its morals are not loose

That hat’s a joyful

welcome mat to fun.


poem-it’s the hat July 6, 2015

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It’s the hat

that first catches their attention.

Who wears hats these days,

but cowboys and teen punks?

and the punks have it backwards.

Her round little hat hasn’t enough brim

to keep off much sun,

but it has enough character to keep off

the bores and the introverts,

and that’s enough.

She doesn’t seem to notice them

drawing into the walls as she goes by,

their fear is palpable, but she is insensible.

It’s not outwardly a power hat, in fact, it’s kind of cute,

but no one wears hats these days who doesn’t wear

a confidence that scares off

weaker souls.


That hat June 3, 2013

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That indelicate,

audacious hat

is either affectation

or jaunty celebration.

No one wears hats

as giddy as that

without expection

of societal reprobation.

Folks bristle at

such frivolous hats,

set in bold flirtation

against societal fixation.

It’s true.  But THAT

astonishing, stupedous hat,

deserves an ovation,

from the entire nation.


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