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poem-it’s the hat July 6, 2015

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It’s the hat

that first catches their attention.

Who wears hats these days,

but cowboys and teen punks?

and the punks have it backwards.

Her round little hat hasn’t enough brim

to keep off much sun,

but it has enough character to keep off

the bores and the introverts,

and that’s enough.

She doesn’t seem to notice them

drawing into the walls as she goes by,

their fear is palpable, but she is insensible.

It’s not outwardly a power hat, in fact, it’s kind of cute,

but no one wears hats these days who doesn’t wear

a confidence that scares off

weaker souls.


10 Responses to “poem-it’s the hat”

  1. narble Says:

    I’m a hat person. Always have been. I have a couple closets full, mostly ball caps, but some other good ones, too.

  2. Melody J Haislip Says:

    Love it. I’ve recently gotten into hats in a big way!

  3. Let’s hear it for the ladies who wear hats! I have worn them for years…..still do. When I was in the Peace Corps, my nickname among the other volunteers was “Klobuk,” that means “the hat.”

  4. Take it from one who knows. Hats are cool. Except of course ball caps.

  5. jburns58 Says:

    Hey, yeah hats are cool! I have a few myself, and wear them proud.

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