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poem- social media found poem April 17, 2015

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Today’s prompt is to create a poem from social media

So here is a found poem created from snippets of 15 current statuses of people on my Facebook feed (in order):



It was never your destiny to take the easy or quiet route through life.

Home, sweet sweet HOME.

I’m in the same room 

fixed up all nice today

Are there any 5 year olds out there?

You never go to the cupboard and find the bottles empty.

My mom surprised me

You can’t really hate on suffragists and true feminists

Luckily for horses

They featured me in the news letter

People wonder

I’m a mixed metaphor

(must shower)

literary treasure.

Best damn car chase I’ve ever seen!


With thanks to (in order) Ursula, Andrea, Jodi, Paige, Joei, Carol, Kowan, Desi, JM, Ben, Krystal, Jodi (again!), Diana, Sylvia, and Blu.

8 writers, 2 musicians, 5 former students.

Jodi’s line was “I’m in the same room as Dougal McKenzie! (And he’s wearing a kilt.)”  We’re totally jealous! 😉  (Except maybe Diana.  She’s probably over it by now).


poem- found Jan25 January 25, 2015

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Pattern stitches

on demand

bordered diamonds



open sesame








This one was ‘found’ using words that I could see from where I was sitting on books, labels, and TV.



found poem- Tribute to Pete Seeger January 29, 2014

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This is a found poem, using lines from a variety of Pete Seeger songs, in tribute to a troubador whose tunes were fuel to action:


I hear the music ringing

There is a season

Where have all the flowers gone

They all look just the same

How can I keep from singing?

A time for peace

And kind understanding

A time for every purpose under Heaven

God bless the grass that grows through the crack

‘Cause that’s what life’s all about

Treat them with patience

How can I keep from singing?

my world is there

A time for love

Long time passing

When I say always I mean forever

I promise you I’ll never say good-bye

learn to laugh

My life flows on in endless song

How can I keep from singing?


Found on the blog reader April 7 April 7, 2013

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Poetry echoes with vengeance,

Bifurcated lamentations against mortals

Full of dirty melt water.

You tuned the whippoorwills,

we felt larger than life,

huddled together under the blustery illusion.

There’s no exit,

infinite stillness;

weighted gates have slammed rusted shut.

Catch the tears of a sinful angel

ominous beauty

with subtle return.

The waves can’t reach you.


This is a found poem.  

As I scroll through the WordPress blog reader a few moments ago, certain phrases or lines jump out at me, so today I scribed them, and then re-arranged the bits to make something new and interesting.  The challenge is that I can only use the bits I found.  What do you think?


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