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poem- see love April 23, 2015

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As these lines came into my head, they came on a suspiciously familiar tune, so I think of these as song lyrics, and I will have to see if my harp and I can turn them into a song at some point.  In the meantime, they’re a poem.  (I wouldn’t hold your breath for the music, just so you know).


You don’t look.

You don’t see.

You don’t hear.

You don’t speak

words she needs you to speak.

You’re not listening

when her heart weeps.

You don’t hear.

You don’t hear!

Please come here.

You must look.

You must see

what she’s trying desperately

to help you see.

You must hear

how she’s struggling with her fears.

You must speak,

whisper love,

for that’s all she truly seeks.







lyrics-Skye Boat Song August 5, 2014

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My Outlander theme lyrics to Skye Boat Song:


Called through the stones and carried ‘cross time

Voyaging far from home

All she has known is gone and she roams

Lost beneath Scotland’s pines.

Centuries part

Where is her heart?

Two hundred years away

Two men to love

Prayers to above

Whose love will she betray?

Carried through time, she’s called through the stones

Where will she make her home?

Highland wars loom

they’re leading to doom

Destiny knows its own 

 Centuries part

Where is her heart?

Two hundred years away

Two men to love

Prayers to above

Whose love will she betray?

Third verse, harp only

Repeat chorus with harp to end.

(c) Shawn L. Bird


Starz has released the first episode of Outlander, and with it, Bear McCreary’s theme song based on The Skye Boat Song.

I might be going against the current here, but I really don’t like those lyrics  Horrendous.  Grammatically cringeworthy.  I mean seriously, “Say could that lass, be I”  ARGGGGGGGGG!!!  It hurts me.  It really does.  Not to mention they’ve stuck “Skye” in there, and Claire never goes to Skye in the books.  He has feminized Robert Louis Stevenson’s lyrics to the tune, I understand, but there was no need to do that.

I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is when I complain about something, so here is a poem that fits with the tune of the Skye Boat Song and also reflects the story of Outlander.  What’s more, I think it is a better fit for the romantic tone and the essential conflict of the story.  Nothing about Skye, and the grammar is correct.

If Starz wishes to replace their lyrics for the next season, I am delighted to offer these.  Feel free to send them a link and encourage the idea! 😉  If you’re from Starz, you can find my agent is listed on my About page.  Drop her a line, she’ll be delighted to negotiate something.



Blooper lines:

Centuries part

Where is her heart?

Will she get back to Frank?

Though she is torn

Jamie she’ll mourn

but he is known to spank

PS.  I made a video of myself singing and playing the harp (I’ve never been coordinated enough to do that before!  How exciting!)  The dogs got up and left the room, their ears twitching on the high notes.  I listened to the video and apologized to them.  Plainly, G is not my key.  Yikes! So, while I assure you that this works beautifully, I may have to learn it in another key before I try to demonstrate .  😉  In the meantime,  click to play on the video, then scroll up to sing along yourself.  Hopefully G is YOUR key. 😉



found poem- Tribute to Pete Seeger January 29, 2014

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This is a found poem, using lines from a variety of Pete Seeger songs, in tribute to a troubador whose tunes were fuel to action:


I hear the music ringing

There is a season

Where have all the flowers gone

They all look just the same

How can I keep from singing?

A time for peace

And kind understanding

A time for every purpose under Heaven

God bless the grass that grows through the crack

‘Cause that’s what life’s all about

Treat them with patience

How can I keep from singing?

my world is there

A time for love

Long time passing

When I say always I mean forever

I promise you I’ll never say good-bye

learn to laugh

My life flows on in endless song

How can I keep from singing?


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