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found poem- Tribute to Pete Seeger January 29, 2014

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This is a found poem, using lines from a variety of Pete Seeger songs, in tribute to a troubador whose tunes were fuel to action:


I hear the music ringing

There is a season

Where have all the flowers gone

They all look just the same

How can I keep from singing?

A time for peace

And kind understanding

A time for every purpose under Heaven

God bless the grass that grows through the crack

‘Cause that’s what life’s all about

Treat them with patience

How can I keep from singing?

my world is there

A time for love

Long time passing

When I say always I mean forever

I promise you I’ll never say good-bye

learn to laugh

My life flows on in endless song

How can I keep from singing?


19 Responses to “found poem- Tribute to Pete Seeger”

  1. kiwiskan Says:

    a fitting tribute to the man

  2. Thaddeus Dombrowski Says:

    Thank you for doing this piece. Sometimes perfectly good strangers pass. I only know Seeger through his work. But, I felt myself mourning. This is like the service I did not attend.

  3. hughiegibson Says:

    I always enjoy your found poems.

  4. […] couple days ago, I read Found Poem — Tribute to Pete Seeger, composed of his songs and lyrics by Shawn Bird.  The poem was moving, and […]

  5. P Moorman Says:

    How fun to see and read.

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