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poem- and today May 4, 2014

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is one day closer to

The Day

when he goes away.

Flashbacks this morning

to junior high,

“Get up!  Your dad is ready!”

“But Mommmmmm!”

You’re too old for this, my boy.

The day is coming,

when you move south

to live your next adventure.

Get up and face today

because you’re here so briefly

and today is unfolding



14 Responses to “poem- and today”

  1. words4jp Says:

    This is quite poignant – I managed with the first and there is another in the wings…. xx

  2. Oh Shawn, this made me cry, cus our oldest is here, briefly, on his way moving from a decade in NYC to a new job in Denali National Park, after which (we hope), he will settle in Seattle.

    As he has been here, I have seen spra-imposed beneath the grown-up huge and shambling exterior the little boy with dimples and fair hair, whom I used to give blowbellies to just to taste his amazing and precious scent. I can still smell it when I hug him and can put my nose next to his neck, and he smells like seal-hides and ginger…and Brylcreem and cologne.

    The scents of adulthood laid over, and the scents of his small wonderness always at the core.

    Beautiful, evocative poem, and dang it you made me cry (again! giggles)

  3. Tanzalongs Says:

    Fabulous piece!

  4. narble Says:

    Delightfully obscure and right in the wheelhouse. So to speak.

  5. Rob McShane Says:

    And their days unfold from the foundation of their childhood and the love we gave and they found there. They will always carry that with them – even if often unconsciously!! 🙂 (don’t tell my son I said that please!! 🙂
    Great piece! Thank you…

  6. you have captured the elusiveness of time well…and the letting-go we all continuously must do…

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