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poem- social media found poem April 17, 2015

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Today’s prompt is to create a poem from social media

So here is a found poem created from snippets of 15 current statuses of people on my Facebook feed (in order):



It was never your destiny to take the easy or quiet route through life.

Home, sweet sweet HOME.

I’m in the same room 

fixed up all nice today

Are there any 5 year olds out there?

You never go to the cupboard and find the bottles empty.

My mom surprised me

You can’t really hate on suffragists and true feminists

Luckily for horses

They featured me in the news letter

People wonder

I’m a mixed metaphor

(must shower)

literary treasure.

Best damn car chase I’ve ever seen!


With thanks to (in order) Ursula, Andrea, Jodi, Paige, Joei, Carol, Kowan, Desi, JM, Ben, Krystal, Jodi (again!), Diana, Sylvia, and Blu.

8 writers, 2 musicians, 5 former students.

Jodi’s line was “I’m in the same room as Dougal McKenzie! (And he’s wearing a kilt.)”  We’re totally jealous! 😉  (Except maybe Diana.  She’s probably over it by now).


40 Responses to “poem- social media found poem”

  1. syl65 Says:

    Awesome, snippets of thought. Thanks Shawn 🙂

  2. Rose Red Says:


  3. As long as the five-year-olds aren’t in the car chases, we’re good-very good! 🙂

  4. this is so neat! I have never once had the thought to do this! I love it! very interesting!!!

  5. Day Eighteen Says:

    […] featured participant today is Shawn L. Bird, where the social media poem for Day 17 is a hilarious riot of mixed-up tweets. Really, it was hard […]

  6. celticsea Says:

    And so you are featured in a newsletter of sorts! Well done!

  7. Karin Wiberg Says:

    Nice shout out on napowrimo!!

  8. colonialist Says:

    It shows, with the shower-compulsive one, that you can’t make an omelette without too many cooks!

  9. You are featured. Way to go.

  10. Maz Says:

    I tried to work something out for this but got nowhere. Am impressed with what you’ve been able to put together. My poem for today was about a workshop I ran yesterday for a children’s’ literary festival. And congratulations on being featured today. I was featured on day 9. You can see my contribution at : Happy writing …

  11. Leonas Lines Says:

    Congrats on being chosen as NaPoWriMo’s featured participant! Excited to see that you were and think it was a good choice! 😃❗️🎉🎈

  12. […] prompt was to write a poem about social media. Shawn L. Bird was the featured poet. She wrote a found poem using current statuses from her Facebook […]

  13. colonialist Says:

    Hey – I missed that you are FEATURED! Congratulations!

  14. Hey Shawn, congrats on your mention on the Napowrimo site! Awesome.

  15. Lorien Says:

    Congrats on the mention over at!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🌈💖💐😀

  16. […] Poem – Social Media Found Poem by Shawn L. Bird – There has been so much great poetry this month, since it is National Poetry Month, and this was a very interesting idea: write a poem about or including social media. Shawn put together several posts from her Facebook friends and ended up with this creative and non-sequitur-like-yet-strangely-cohesive gem. […]

  17. biggerthanalasagna Says:

    So much fun! I need to go mine my friends’ facebook! Congratulations on being the featured artist for day 18!

  18. journette Says:

    I’ve been crazy busy with work and travel, but I just scrolled through NaPoWriMo’s prompt and saw that you were one of their featured participants, Shawn. Congratulations! 🙂 Well-deserved!

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