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poem- city lights November 22, 2013

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Every light

moving on the streets

blinking in the buildings

Every light

a life



quote- Jodi McIsaac on truth in storytelling November 7, 2013

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“So it’s not just stories you want, then” Maggie said, eyeing Cedar keenly.  “You want the truth.  Well, there is truth to be found in stories, that’s for certain.”

“Not all stories are true,” Eden piped up from her father’s lap.

“They’re always true about something, little one,” Maggie said, passing Eden another cookie.  “If not about what actually happened, then maybe about the person telling the story–or about the person hearing it…”

(Jodi McIsaac Into the Fire p. 136)

I particularly like the last sentence there, because half of the story is in the reader, and the connections s/he makes with it.  More than that though, is the very fact that the reader picked that story says something, as does that the writer wrote that story.  Subconsciously intentional choices are all around us. 😉



on being thoroughly mused June 30, 2013

For Outlander author Diana Gabaldon:



were not

just kissed

by the muse,

Diana, huntress,

goddess of the moon.

You were ravaged.

You were embraced;

your buttocks clutched

and hoisted high,

as the muse impaled you,

roughly pierced your soul,

raised hairs the whole length of you.

Seized by such  divine  inspiration,

you stretched, back arching,

and received the pulsing

thrusts of






















that  called forth

rippling quivers,

left you heaving,



and pregnant

with story.


Diana muse


This post began with a random comment made on Diana Gabaldon’s Facebook page yesterday, and here we are!  My first erotica!  ((blush))  lol


For those who wondered, yes, Diana has seen this, and I even have a recording of her laughing lustily about it, as we were wrapping up our blue pencil at SIWC 2013. 🙂  Her comment, should you not be able to read the image is, “Wow! That’s a GREAT poem Shawn! I’m truly honoured #mindIusuallyhavetodomoreofthework”


In August 2013 she dedicated her Daily lines to me:


The daily lines in question can be read here:

And if you’re a fan of Outlander and are now watching the TV series, you may enjoy the poem Dear Sam Heughan from August 2013 when Sam was first cast to play Jamie:  Diana has seen this one as well, and coached me through some necessary vocabulary alterations (see notes at the end). 😉


in essence… January 11, 2013

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Madame Arthurson brought word tattoos for the Creative Writing Club meeting today.  Cool! 🙂


Story November 26, 2012

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From Three Views of Crystal Waters by Katherine Govier:

There are  stories.  Stories that are told and told.  They belong to the people who tell them, not the people who are in them.  The one who is the storyteller is the one who collects.  Maybe he is lame.  Maybe he lives alone and has no one to talk to .  Then he will remember them, go over them in his mind, so the stories are not lost.  This is an old tradition.  Now not so many will follow.  When the story teller is ready, he will tell the story.  You may be in the story.  It is not finished.  You may be part  of the story…


NaNoWriMo Day 26 1537  words  (November total: 36888  13,112 to go in the next 4 days!)


Storycube challenge #1 September 13, 2012

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I came across this nifty item on a plane to London last year.  The Irish game has three versions, and thanks to eBay, I have them all.  I like to mix and match them, though I like the ACTIONS set best.  I use them in my class room, both for English and Drama.

Here’s an example of a little story I came up with for fun.

Now it’s YOUR turn!

Here is a photo of a roll of Rory’s story cubes.  Write a story using the first row as the beginning, the middle row as the development point of your story, and the bottom row as the end of the story.

Interpret each cube to mean whatever you want.  For example, ss the lock a literal lock, or is it a prison? a riddle? an obstacle?  a place of security? a lock of hair?  an opportunity?

In case you can’t make them out, the images are as follows:

closed lock, an abacus, masks of comedy and tragedy

an upward facing arrow, a rainbow with one cloud, someone sleeping

dice, a bed, a shooting star

Post your results in the comment section below! 🙂

RORY’S STORY CUBES are an excellent tool for story telling, idea generation, discussion for everyone from pre-schoolers to senior stroke victims to writers. This roll is from the Apple app.


story or death August 28, 2012

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If the other fellow can’t tell you his story, you can never be sure he isn’t trying to kill you.

Orson Scott Card.  Ender’s Game.  NY: Tor, 1991. p.253.

This quote  is either really profound or hilarious.  There is a bit of a truth here though.  If you know nothing about someone else, you may distrust his motives, and perhaps for good reason.  However, if you know where someone has come from, have heard history and story, well, then you might be absolutely certain that he’s whacked out and you’re in danger every moment you’re with him!  Or not.


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