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quote- Jodi McIsaac on truth in storytelling November 7, 2013

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“So it’s not just stories you want, then” Maggie said, eyeing Cedar keenly.  “You want the truth.  Well, there is truth to be found in stories, that’s for certain.”

“Not all stories are true,” Eden piped up from her father’s lap.

“They’re always true about something, little one,” Maggie said, passing Eden another cookie.  “If not about what actually happened, then maybe about the person telling the story–or about the person hearing it…”

(Jodi McIsaac Into the Fire p. 136)

I particularly like the last sentence there, because half of the story is in the reader, and the connections s/he makes with it.  More than that though, is the very fact that the reader picked that story says something, as does that the writer wrote that story.  Subconsciously intentional choices are all around us. 😉



7 Responses to “quote- Jodi McIsaac on truth in storytelling”

  1. Reblogged this on On The Way To There and commented:
    Very true!

  2. alicefray Says:

    Reblogged this on OnlyTruelyMe and commented:
    Someone in my family….i cant remember who…maybe if wasnt even a family member… always said that stories are lies with truths in between, this is better because it’s in writing.

  3. Naomis Nook Says:

    I definitely agree. This semester, more than any other, I have learned that we can learn a lot about the author from reading what they write. I have never even considered it until one of my professors told me to try and read from their point of view, in history and experiences. Once I did it, I felt like I was opened to a whole new world.

  4. Being Woven Says:

    Yes! A story has truth in it per each reader whether the story is true or not. I cam by as you had visited me @ Being Woven and/or The Reader and the Book while I was away for two weeks. Thank you and I am glad I came here today too. I was an elementary teacher and children’s librarian before I retired… loving both very much.

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