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poem- ending May 18, 2014

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The skies weep on the airport

bidding melancholy farewell

to the time of aggregation.

On my return drive, troubled skies glower,

containing their tears while

eagles, ospreys, and hawks wheel

on rising wind born of wistful  anamnesis.

At home a beam of sun light

glows at my door, grateful


recollecting joy.



It is always bittersweet on the last day of a gathering, as participants return home.  Graduation celebration, weddings, funerals, conventions, conferences, camp.  The greater the anticipation of the event, the more melancholy the ending.  

I will treasure fond memories of Word on the Lake 2014.  43 hours of conference, anticipated for 572 days = 1.2 days of anticipation per hour of experience! 🙂

Sometimes, the ending remains a clear memory, while the middle disappears.  Do you have any poignant endings that you hold in your heart?




poem- quiet on the internet November 28, 2013

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The Americans

are gone.

The internet

is quiet.



really is about

face time.

How wonderful

to be thankful.



poem- city lights November 22, 2013

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Every light

moving on the streets

blinking in the buildings

Every light

a life



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