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poem- quiet on the internet November 28, 2013

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The Americans

are gone.

The internet

is quiet.



really is about

face time.

How wonderful

to be thankful.



20 Responses to “poem- quiet on the internet”

  1. Dayle Says:

    That made me smile 🙂

  2. rosereads Says:

    So very lovely and a wonderful reminder about what the day is really about. I love the play on words at the end.

  3. kperalta0516 Says:

    This made me smile as well

  4. epitaphcarver Says:


  5. Okay Shawn Bird! My brother Stephen and I are back from a wonderful Thanksgiving with our cousins in New Jersey! It was a time a fellowship and fun with beloved family members and of course we were one with the Turkey bird. However the Muses were speaking and the creative juices were flowing along with the gravy, stuffing, candied yams, corn bread, green beans and collard greens. I share with you a crazy song along with a poem that came to me while riding on the NJ Transit bus back to New York. My brother Stephen was knocked out cold.
    Gobble! Gobble!

    Thanksgiving is the Happiness of being with family yet the sadness of seeing a Beloved Aunt well into her 90 s struggle with fading and declining mental and physical faculties.
    Secretly wondering what my future will be. Yet relishing these sacred moments of Joy into Glory.

    I see a bright future in two young African warriors ages ten and two. Chess anyone the ten year old asks. Mr. Terrible Twos cries for his Mom. Solace found in baby bottle Juice. They hold the Keys to the Kingdom.
    For we Half Century gone past time is drifting away soon to be at end.

  6. toad (chris jensen) Says:

    Reblogged this on Keptmeprisoner.

  7. davidprosser Says:

    A nice touch of humour buried in with the truth there Shawn.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  8. sue marquis bishop Says:

    Shawn. Loved it!

    is a
    time-out for
    the familiar,
    passing on family
    stories, recipes,
    and counting blessings.

    • Indeed. It’s fascinating how big a deal it is in the US. While we will gather for dinner with our family, the expectation of gathering with extended family as we see in American movies does not seem to apply here in Canada in our Thanksgiving holiday the second Sunday/Monday of October. While some will certainly have huge gatherings, many others celebrate with immediate family.

      • Quidam Says:

        Although we’re American, we’ve always had a tradition of having a small gathering at Thanksgiving, with just our immediate family. Now that our daughter is at school in Montréal, we also enjoy celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving as well!

      • 🙂 Is she at McGill?

  9. brightverse Says:

    Hahaha that is hilarious. Really cute 🙂

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