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poem- horse light August 21, 2013

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Light is galloping across the hills

Glistening  roan, bay, and dun.

Splotches of palomino and skewbald

reflect the canter of the clouds

across the sun.



©2012 Michael Russell Used with permission.  If you love this image, you should check out Michael’s gallery!

The light was so fantastic above Kalamalka Lake on the drive home today.  I wish I’d had a camera to capture the long light, and gleaming fields of gold, russet, and brown above the lake!  Words will have to do, though Michael Russell’s beautiful photo will give you an idea of the hills and the cantering clouds, at least!


crescent moon haiku April 14, 2013

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God has left a toe

 nail clipping on the best

blue velvet bedspread.


frosty sky January 24, 2011

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My sky

is lit with blue

sparkling with the frost

that glistens on the trees.

Your sky

is a vast midnight

glowing with the snow

that reflects a sunless sky.

Our sky

is knit with stars

sparkling in the coolness

that connects our continents.


photo by Markku Reijula, Kotka Finland. Used with permission


I’m missing my host families in Finland today, and thinking of the Finnish winter skies that are bright despite the absence of the sun as the snow reflects light so even in the dark, the world glows with light.  There is a metaphor here for life!


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