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poem- horse light August 21, 2013

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Light is galloping across the hills

Glistening  roan, bay, and dun.

Splotches of palomino and skewbald

reflect the canter of the clouds

across the sun.



©2012 Michael Russell Used with permission.  If you love this image, you should check out Michael’s gallery!

The light was so fantastic above Kalamalka Lake on the drive home today.  I wish I’d had a camera to capture the long light, and gleaming fields of gold, russet, and brown above the lake!  Words will have to do, though Michael Russell’s beautiful photo will give you an idea of the hills and the cantering clouds, at least!


26 Responses to “poem- horse light”

  1. What a beautiful photo, wow! I love ‘the canter of the clouds’ – lovely poem:-)

    • Isn’t it? I was surprised how I couldn’t find any gorgeous shots of the long light I always love to see as I come north along Kalamalka Lake in late afternoon. The valleys and hills are absolutely stunning.

  2. bee Says:

    That is beautiful

  3. Maxima Says:

    Ilike this your post very much .Have nice day

  4. davidprosser Says:

    Lovely Shawn.You have a poetic heart. xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  5. C.J. Black Says:

    Thought I’d share my cloud poem with you it’s posted somewhere among my scribbles –

    See them scut across the sky
    They have no wings but still they fly
    They look like little balls of fluff
    They call them clouds that fluffy stuff.


  6. Mike Says:

    I see them – you’ve provided a perfect lyrical accompaniment except for neglecting the rabbit picking his nose in the bottom right hand corner! Otherwise perfect, thank you.

  7. Bastet Says:

    A beautiful poem and what a beautiful place to write it in!

  8. words4jp Says:

    Your words are perfect to inspire the imagination.

  9. what a nice photo of the most beautiful clouds and mountains. 🙂

  10. mcwatty9 Says:

    The picture suffices.

  11. mcwatty9 Says:

    *because it is a beautiful picture, and your words are provide vivid imagery too.

  12. Theresa Says:

    Unique use of words to tie everything together, including the photo; well done.

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