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crescent moon haiku April 14, 2013

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God has left a toe

 nail clipping on the best

blue velvet bedspread.


15 Responses to “crescent moon haiku”

  1. tjtherien Says:

    nicely done

  2. coastalmom Says:

    Had to follow after the first Haiku!!!!

  3. yeoldefoole Says:

    O Yeah!!!

  4. thegoodwordsales Says:

    Hi, I like your writing style. Would you like to publish articles on THE GOOD WORD? Do You believe in the power of Goodness? Good is contagious and we are trying to spread the word. You can also add this badge to your site and we will add a link back to you. Hope you had a great weekend! -Steve

  5. pearlz Says:

    I’d love to add this to my Thousand Haiku quest, and blog it with attirbution to you, it’sin my ripple poetry links – I love what I’m reading here.

  6. haha that’s a pretty great haiku. thanks for sharing. 🙂

  7. pearlz Says: – I will also put this up on ripple poetry so the two sites link through to each other, you are welcome to send some more haiku – I’ll be doing some more work on this site especially at times where the world needs healing.

  8. H. Ken Abell Says:

    the phrase “best blue velvet bedspread” trips off the tongue as deliciously as anything from Coleridge. (I think that the best example of language can be found in his “Kubla Khan”) I got chills from the phrase you used. Thank you!

    • Shawn Bird Says:

      Why thank you! I confess I spent a couple of hours working out that line. It’s nice to know someone appreciates it! 🙂

      Now I’ll have go re-read Kubla Khan. (I have just finished an interesting non-fiction book about how Genghis Khan’s daughters saved his empire, which wasn’t even vaguely poetic).

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