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poem-grounded March 10, 2014

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Bald eagle

standing on turned over earth

Watching the cars go by on the highway

(or pretending to,

to give the small creatures

an illusion of safety).

Bald eagle

normally surveying

road and field from  high above

is checking out a new perspective.

I wonder whether he prefers

dirt to sky?


A chorus line July 1, 2013

Two horses, white and bay

stand companionably

munching their lunches.

Atop the bay,

upon each vertebrae,

perches a bitty bird,

observing the world:

A small flock aligned

along an equine

telephone line.

The white mare,  back bare,

munches, and muses

on popularity’s

winners and losers.



Coming home from work the other day, I looked into a field and was amused to see this sight.  I wish I’d had my camera with me, but since I didn’t, here’s a picture made from words for you. 😉


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