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poem-grounded March 10, 2014

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Bald eagle

standing on turned over earth

Watching the cars go by on the highway

(or pretending to,

to give the small creatures

an illusion of safety).

Bald eagle

normally surveying

road and field from  high above

is checking out a new perspective.

I wonder whether he prefers

dirt to sky?


21 Responses to “poem-grounded”

  1. Lovely…or perhaps he’s searching for a little critter for a nice snack or meal 😉

  2. Better field of vision from the sky, especially over water. But if hunting ground game were to become more successful from a ground perch, that’s where the eagle will evolve. Brings to mind our Alaskan vacation, where bald eagles seemed as numerous as crows here in Southern California. Peace.

    • I teach at Eagle River Secondary and we definitely do see lots of Bald Eagles in the area. Not as many as crows, by a long shot, but I could count on seeing one 3X a week on my commute last year, south to Armstrong. It’s wonderful to live where we do!

  3. midnighthues Says:

    Hmm Bald Eagles! I only saw them on postage stamps until I spotted one in Whittier 🙂

  4. Duke Says:

    Sky, if you had feathers and a tail would you like to be grounded?

  5. firecook Says:

    Hello and Thank you for liking a post. Interesting blog;) I like your poems and your poodle is very beautiful. My mom use to have one years ago.I love you hair it is really cool =l:) Take care and enjoy your Monday.

  6. quarksire Says:

    very kewl poem, and especially fun to fly with the eagles are, they have a strong ego and always want to show me they are faster and quicker lol… try an ultralight in ur area sumday an go fly with em its a lotta fun 🙂 ……. Q

  7. words4jp Says:

    I remember the first time I saw a bald eagle in the wild. It was amazing. An experience I will never forget. I swear that he locked eyes on me. Just amazing.

  8. jimibodansko Says:

    i think the bald eagle, especially of the american breed prefer the combination of both dirt and sky ….. which is mud.
    the bald eagle whether female or male and by the way is not actually bald tends to survey the land below,
    then likes to dive down deep into the roots of land to find out if it is actual dirt ( the part of the planet that helps spawn life )
    or if it is indeed just a mere pile of donkey dung freshly laid upon the ground as fertilizer for flowers to bloom ….
    one thing for sure is that the bald eagle does not pretend, it is a creature of reality.

    i read this just now and am expressing a comment with instant reaction,
    i have family and friends who have died for my country and the american bald eagle is
    our national bird and is as sacred to me as my country’s flag and star spangled banner ….
    i will defend both until my last breath and i am still breathing …..

    Jimi Bodansko

    ( usually a fun loving dude but sometimes acts way too serious which is one of his human flaws )

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