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poem-tranquility August 10, 2016

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I count three shooting stars

as the porch swing rocks to the rhythm

of one desperately lovesick frog.


poem-missing August 7, 2014

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Three thirty-three in the morning

I awaken, drenched in sweat.

I turn on the fan,

waiting for sleep to return

wishing that you were beside me.


poem-the switch August 6, 2014

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Trying to type
Fingers feel
unattached to hand.
Eyes blur.
Stomach rocks
Head dull.
It’s so hard
to rejoin
the diurnal world
Thursday I have to be in a workshop at 8 a.m. my time.  I need to be alert and absorbing information.  I’ve been going to bed between 4 and 7 a.m. the last few nights, working through the greatest heat.  My plan was to start last Friday, moving back an hour each night, but it didn’t work.  It was 4:30 on Sunday and 3:30 on Mon, despite pharmaceutical aid.  (I can stay up for hours after sleeping pill.  My body relaxes, but my brain just keeps plugging along…)  Wish me luck getting to bed at midnight tonight, with all my packing and preparations in order!

poem-darkness June 23, 2014

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The porch swing rocks

beneath a speckled sky.

Mosquito hums fill the air;

black wings swoop overhead

in invisible rustlings,

swallowing music.



poem- quiet June 8, 2014

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The house rests.

Five bodies drift on dreams.

One sits, enshrined in song,

strums softly

on strings:

a living lullaby.


poem- yet May 20, 2014

You gather me into you

Entangling limbs and

Tickling kisses on the neck.

Your breath tangles in my hair

Escaping through quivering tendrils

Trembling into the night.


Your heartbeats drum against my back

Exquisite timpani.

Time stops.


poem- night breath January 14, 2014

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Night breathes

its peace in

shimmering air

dusted with winter.


Night breathes

its silence in

rustling wishes

between sheets.


Night breathes

an invitation in

a lingering look

over the shoulder.


Night breathes

a promise in





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