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poem- quiet June 8, 2014

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The house rests.

Five bodies drift on dreams.

One sits, enshrined in song,

strums softly

on strings:

a living lullaby.


23 Responses to “poem- quiet”

  1. I miss that! my son would play classical guitar before going to sleep…was my lullaby:)

  2. colonialist Says:

    Ah – the email went off before edit. I wondered what that first line meant!
    I can remember as a small child listening to my mother playing Grieg’s ‘Morning’ on the piano after I had gone to bed, and crying myself to sleep because it was so beautiful and I hadn’t wanted it to end.

  3. brrrit099 Says:

    Such a good flow!

  4. i’m an old …. you are an inspiration …. My Grandmother Sarone Peabody wrote this back in the 1930’s …

  5. Ginz Says:

    Such a peaceful poem. I’m reading this at the beginning of my day and it’s certainly made for a wonderful tranquil start no more so than it resonates with me because our house is like this each evening with the piano being played in the background (it used to be classical guitar) and everyone just relaxing together after their busy days. I admit, I will miss this when the children have left home!

  6. Sigh… how hauntingly shiverlicous this is… poignant ambiance set in so view lines.

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