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poem-ending? August 18, 2015

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This ending

is just another circle.

Your smile is a segment of arc

in my eternity.


#napowrimo- switch April 8, 2015

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There is nothing more

he said.

This is the end.

While they watch the line

vanish into mist,

the curlicue twists

and something more





Today’s prompt is to write a palinode: a reversal of opinion, essentially.


micropoem-taxes March 29, 2015

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Doing the taxes hurts my synapses.

All the receipts for exemptions

I will greet (sweet redemption!)

as brilliant sun, shining to my refund!





Playing with rhyme today.

Internal rhyme occurs two ways, either inside one line (taxes/synapses, greet/sweet) or inside two consecutive lines (receipts/greet).  

End rhyme: exemption/redemption.

Imperfect rhyme: taxes/synapses, receipts/greet, sun/refund.  

Feminine rhyme: exemption/redemption.  (Rhyme over 2+ syllables, ’cause women are more complex, of course) 🙂

Masculine rhyme: greet/sweet.  (Rhyme on a single syllable).


school over haikus June 28, 2013

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Heart tight bound again
with futile cords. Door echoes.
Yearly denouement

A plant can not thrive
uprooted every few months.
I am still root-less

How can teachers bloom?
Hopeful blossoms fight
‘gainst futility.


Mayan celebration December 20, 2012

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A message from my friend Amin and his cronies in Toronto, particularly for those with December birthdays:

>>chuckle<<  Fun to have a production studio, eh?  He obviously has time on his hands  now that Flashpoint has wrapped… 😉  This is quite the step up from the cassette tapes he used to make us for birthdays!


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