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poem-ending? August 18, 2015

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This ending

is just another circle.

Your smile is a segment of arc

in my eternity.


9 Responses to “poem-ending?”

  1. A break up poem? (please please please please please) A friend moving away? In either case that is a pretty cool way to put it… Everyone’s smile is just one section of the complete circle. I think that is my favorite poem of yours yet! But you know me Shawn…. you’re so beautiful I want your entire circle to be completely about me…. What guy wouldn’t? Man this whole physical attraction thing sucks. Look at all the stuff we miss because of it. I’m glad the head on my shoulders popped out long enough to take notice of this one because it’s really awesome!

  2. The smile must encounter all four directions, in order to be complete mirth.

  3. KRIS Says:


  4. kellyela Says:

    Excellent. Simple but powerful.

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