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micropoem-taxes March 29, 2015

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Doing the taxes hurts my synapses.

All the receipts for exemptions

I will greet (sweet redemption!)

as brilliant sun, shining to my refund!





Playing with rhyme today.

Internal rhyme occurs two ways, either inside one line (taxes/synapses, greet/sweet) or inside two consecutive lines (receipts/greet).  

End rhyme: exemption/redemption.

Imperfect rhyme: taxes/synapses, receipts/greet, sun/refund.  

Feminine rhyme: exemption/redemption.  (Rhyme over 2+ syllables, ’cause women are more complex, of course) 🙂

Masculine rhyme: greet/sweet.  (Rhyme on a single syllable).


16 Responses to “micropoem-taxes”

  1. May your refund be generous.

  2. You certainly deserve a refund after all those days your edu system put you guys through. If it is any consolation, Quebec teachers appreciate all you did!!

    • We each lost about $10,000 walking the line, fighting for public education. Now they’ve introduced Bill 11, where the government gives itself to fire elected school trustees and take over professional development. SCARY STUFF!!

      • It IS getting scary; not coding students who have special needs, no quota in classroom size…governments are thinking they are hurting only teachers…they are destroying education and hurting the future of public education.

      • Government might say that it is not hurting anyone and the teachers are just making noise to protect their jobs, but public education is so important to democracy. When you see how our government is unilaterally dismantling public institutions and elected bodies, and making legislative pronouncement that the supreme court declares unconstitutional, leading the government disregard the courts, well, then you have the makings of a fascist state. The educated people see the patterns; the uneducated don’t see, don’t believe warnings, don’t care. If we can’t properly educate the next generation, they’ll be too easily manipulated. It’s all bread and circuses. Our education minister never went to post-secondary, but he ran an advertising and media company. That says everything there is to say about the values of our government. I’m living Orwell’s 1984!

        (Whew. Just a little rant!) lol

      • Rant away…we are so taxed here in Quebec and our education system and health care are going to pots…rant away my dear. I taught part time 5 years in a private school and je leve mon chapeau to any teacher…it is a tough job.

      • Your papa would be proud:)

  3. Supernova! Says:

    Nice poem about paying taxes. I guess most people feel the same.

  4. I hadn’t heard of the masc/feminine rhyme, makes sense though – women are far more complex, sometimes beyond all understanding!

  5. narble Says:

    Love the lesson. (and the poem, too)

  6. You had me at “hurts my synapses”!

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