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poem- almost January 3, 2015

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When you think

that you’re finished,

that all the Ts are crossed

and the Is are dotted,

that every word is brilliant,

that the reader will be on the edge

of her seat from first page to last,

then you submit your work to your editor,

Who shows you

that you’re wrong.


poem- lit up February 10, 2014

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You read

lit up,


You read


into the depths.

You read

seeing beyond

what is

to what can be.

You read

lit up

and light me,





(In praise of my wonderful editor, Vikki, who looks at the messes I get myself into, and asks all the right questions to help me find my way again).


worth her weight in gold? September 10, 2012

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I mentioned to my En 12 class today that a good editor is worth her weight in gold.  Then, remembering that gold is over $1000 an ounce, I realized I surely am not paying adequately for my editing services.  I decided I’d better calculate it out.

Gold is $1690 Canadian (FYI that’s $1770 US) per ounce today, Sept 10,2012.

There are 16 ounces in a pound.

Round number of 200 lbs  body weight multiplied by 16 is 3200 ounces.

3200 ounces multiplied by $1690 gold price  is approximately $5.4 million.

Plainly, until book sales improve dramatically, I can no longer afford an editor.


editing fun April 28, 2012

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I enjoy the editing process.  I love considering the questions that force me to think.  Figuring out alternatives or motivations (therefore to bring a new truth) or tossing something that isn’t supported is very empowering. I see the process of these discussions as literary improv.   Off the top of my head I have to be able to come up with a plausible reason for whatever question has been asked.  Sometimes the answer has been in the story, but sometimes it’s back story stuff, but it needs to be consistent with character.  I can be very creative.  Sometimes my convoluted solutions are approved, but sometimes a set of lowered brows indicates I need to use my delete key, and kill my babies.

My editor, Vikki, peppers the manuscript with comments.  Lots of times it’s just grammar corrections (Vikki is a grammar nazi),  some moments earn exclamations, often she poses an intriguing question, and sometimes, when she’s been at it far too long and is plainly getting overtired, it can simply be entertaining.

My two favorite comments from the final edits of Grace Awakening Power:

“You use mad every time you mean angry. I know you are being colloquial, but it would be okay to use the correct word sometimes, again, as a model for young readers. And to add variety.”

I think of “mad dogs and Englishmen” in her context.  🙂  I always use ‘mad’ for ‘angry’ rather than to mean ‘crazy.’  Some days ‘shift F7’ is used more often than others!

Here’s my favorite comment:

“This event is an opportunity for Grace to accidentally bump up the energy, with people leaping from their wheelchairs and bursting into song, or something slightly more subdued. Grace and Ben together should be contagious, not just Grace for Ben.”

HA!  “or something slightly more subdued!”  HA HA!  Vikki cracks me up.

Like the joke a friend sent me on Facebook today:   “The past, present, and future walked into a bar.  It was tense.”   Bwaa ha haa!!  I told it to my husband, cackling gleefully after the punch line and he stood straight faced looking at me, then shook his head and remarked, “Yeah.  That sounds like an English teacher joke.”  😀

PS>  I was VERY excited that Grace Awakening Dreams and Power, the trade paperback omnibus of the two e-books, is now available for sale to the public!  There’s a link to purchase in the bar above.  I know some have already sold, and I wonder if other folks will be reading it before  my own case of books makes it through customs.


Where’s Grace? April 1, 2012

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Yeah. I know.

Originally I had posted that Grace Awakening Power would be released in November.

Next I posted it would be out in January.

At the moment the website says “It’ll be out in February,” but it’s now April, so clearly that’s wrong, as well.

What’s the hold up?  Don’t look at me! ;-P  The manuscript has been with the editor since the summer.  I expected it back by the fall so Lintusen could have it out by the end of the year 2011.  Plainly I was wrong.

I don’t think there are that many mistakes in it, but I guess the day job is interfering with the editing job.  I’ve been trying to be patient, since nothing in the publishing world moves quickly or smoothly.  I haven’t been in the business long, but I learned that within the first year.

Many people ask, “WHEN?”  It always makes me a little embarrassed, because I’ve been giving out these dates, and they turn out to be wrong, so I look like I’m an idiot, or uninformed.

I can only say, “Soon!  I hope.”

Keep your fingers crossed with me.  (Though that does make it hard to type).

In the meantime, I hope you’ve been enjoying the snippets of  Book three: Grace Awakening Myths that you can find here on the blog.  I hope it’s a small consolation?



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