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cheap thrills November 25, 2012

I am still new enough to this whole writing/publishing thing, to be thrilled and amazed by the every day aspects of it.

There are three copies of Grace Awakening Dreams & Power presently in circulation in our library system.  I check periodically to see whether they’re signed out.  It makes me ridiculously happy that so far, whenever I’ve checked, all three copies have been signed out, and there is a waiting list. 🙂

According to the Okanagan Regional Library website:  “Established in 1936, the ORL serves over 360,000 people across an area covering 59,600 square kilometres through 29 branches. We also offer various services online through our website. Membership is FREE to people within our library regions, giving you access to the 16th largest library in Canada.”

One copy is at the Mission branch.  I attended Okanagan Mission Secondary.  It makes me happy to know that kids who attend my high school are reading my book!    Another copy is at the Armstrong branch.  At the moment, I teach at Pleasant Valley Secondary in Armstrong.  It’s a really lovely place.  The third copy is in Westbank aka West Kelowna.  I have never been in a high school in West Kelowna, but if anyone wants to invite me, I’d be happy to come! 🙂

If you would like to read Grace Awakening Dreams and Power but don’t have the 99c for the ebook or $20 for the paperback, why not request it from your local library?  If they don’t have it, they might put out an inter-library loan request for it, or they might buy it for their collection.  Share the love!

Just for fun, here’s a presentation made by the OKM Media class for your entertainment: OKM Gangnam Style


(It being a small world, while I don’t personally know the camera man/editor, Harrison Mendel, my parents were best friends with his grandparents back in the day, and I knew his dad, uncle and aunt.  This tenuous link between the past and present also makes me happy. 😉 )


NaNoWriMo Day 25: 1819    (November total 35,351)

(par is 41,650 so I’m 6299 behind.  I have 5 days to get 14,650 words.  Wish me luck!)


Sasquatch sighting in Cinnemousun Narrows June 9, 2012

Angela, an astute reader of this blog and member of the Facebook Fan Page, has sent me a link to two reports of Shuswap Lake Sasquatch sightings filed with the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization:  Angela feels this report adds credibility to the Sasquatch reports in Grace Awakening Power.

This is not the first time I have written something, only to discover that  it fit into research or recorded history.  I find it quite amazing that the reports identify sightings in almost the same places as they occur in Grace Awakening Power.

What do you think?  Is it the equivalent of ‘dry wall stilts’ as Grace had initially alleged or is there more to this than meets the eye?

Thanks Angela for freaking us out over here at!


Where’s Grace? April 1, 2012

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Yeah. I know.

Originally I had posted that Grace Awakening Power would be released in November.

Next I posted it would be out in January.

At the moment the website says “It’ll be out in February,” but it’s now April, so clearly that’s wrong, as well.

What’s the hold up?  Don’t look at me! ;-P  The manuscript has been with the editor since the summer.  I expected it back by the fall so Lintusen could have it out by the end of the year 2011.  Plainly I was wrong.

I don’t think there are that many mistakes in it, but I guess the day job is interfering with the editing job.  I’ve been trying to be patient, since nothing in the publishing world moves quickly or smoothly.  I haven’t been in the business long, but I learned that within the first year.

Many people ask, “WHEN?”  It always makes me a little embarrassed, because I’ve been giving out these dates, and they turn out to be wrong, so I look like I’m an idiot, or uninformed.

I can only say, “Soon!  I hope.”

Keep your fingers crossed with me.  (Though that does make it hard to type).

In the meantime, I hope you’ve been enjoying the snippets of  Book three: Grace Awakening Myths that you can find here on the blog.  I hope it’s a small consolation?



A musical Ben March 13, 2012

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Enjoy this original composition by Ben Kraft, who is one of my most memorable students.  The character of Ben isn’t named after him, but in Grace Awakening Power, Wesford Kraft is.  ;-P



Don’t I have talented kids?  You can check out more of Ben’s music on his Fandalism site.


an Indian wedding February 10, 2012

I have a rather fond spot for India.  There is family history here.  My mother has a Sanskrit name.  She was named after her aunt, who in turn was named after a maharani who was a family friend of my great-grandmother.   There is a collection of Hindu god figures which they brought from Madras, (called Chennai since 1996) still in the family.

My great-grandparents lived in the India of the British Raj. They were with the Salvation Army. William Eva, following SA protocol, took the local name “Seenavasagam.” He arrived in India August 29, 1887. Jane Saxby (who took the name “Arulai”) arrived December 26, 1890. They were married on  Wednesday, March 25, 1891. The Salvation Army newsletter, “The Indian War Cry” of April 13,1891 relates the following:
“On Wednesday evening a very important event in the lives of two officers of the Tamil Division was reached–a wedding; when Capt. Seenavagam, Financial Special, took Lieut. Arulai for his “perpetual companion in the war.”
“The actual ceremony was preceded by an officers’ council, the wedding feast, and the march.
It is hardly necessary to say that the marriage-feast was interesting. Of course it was. Tbe major was present and after the feast called uopon both maried and single officers to speak. Lieut. Chellaya Pillay said: “I was speaking to a high churchman about this wedding and he thought it was very inappropriate for such a joyous celebration as a wedding to take place in Holy Week. I assured him that we Salvationists look upon a wedding ceremony as a very holy thing, and that Holy Week was therefore a very seasonable time to perform it.” This was the feeling that ran through the day’s doing–we believe everything was done “for God.””

The full page article carries on for a bit, describing a procession through the city, provides lyrics to songs sung, how much money  was collected, and explains how great-grandpa Seenavasagam accompanied the music on his concertina.  (A small accordion like instrument).  I am ever thankful to the Salvation Army archivist Gordon Taylor who managed to find this prize for me.  How many of us get such a clear description of their great-grandparents’ wedding day?  If you noticed the wedding was scarcely three months after Jane’s arrival and were thinking William was a fast worker, as I did initially, you may be relieved to know that I discovered that William had been posted in Stockport prior to his departure for India.  Jane was from Stockport.  That seemed unlikely to be a coincidence.

I think I looked a little like Great-Grandma Jane in her youth, and I was also married on a Wednesday.

Stay tuned to Grace Awakening Power for some developments which reflect this family history…


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