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poem-erudition September 17, 2015

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We gathered together,

grad students celebrating scholarly excellence,

and discussed philosophy, narrative,

collaboration, theory and practice.

Should such a gathering be called

an erudition of grad students?


haiku- flying words May 1, 2014

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The words have been

manipulated, twisted, and set.

Now they fly.




Sent off a collection of 4 poems this week for the CBC Literary Awards, squeezing under the wire at the last minute.  It’s a huge national competition, and I don’t have any expectation, but nothing ventured, nothing gained!   The pieces must never have been published or performed, so they’re a secret.  That was the hardest thing: having to write daily for the blog, and compose something distinct for the contest.  It’ll be months before  winners are announced, so don’t hold your breath.  I’m not! 😉  (But feel free to send some positive vibes my way!)


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